2015 Closed Championships results are now in..........


WTTA 2015 Championships

Congratulations to the following winners and runners up.
A1 Singles Vikas Dhiman defeated Jack Bouchard
A1 Doubles Gary Keenan and Chris Hudson defeated John Weightman and Gerald Gallina
A2 Singles David Lupat defeated Gavan Hunter
A2 Doubles David and Richard Lupat defeated Nathan Farrugia and Jack Borgartz
B1 Singles Jamie Taylor defeated Zahid Hossain
B1 Doubles Zahid Hossain and Jason Robinson defeated Andre and Issac Mumford
B2 Singles Tony Le defeated Cleve Fryer
B2 Doubles Cleve Fryer and James Quail defeated Chris Diomides and Nishit Patel

Hope you can all make room in your trophy cabinets at home, trophies will be presented at the next grand final night on Thursday 10 Sept 2015.

On a personnel note it was great to see the Mumford father and son combination reaching the final of B1 and also young Jamie Taylor currently sitting fourth on the aggregate in B2 winning the singles in B1.
A big thanks also to all members who took part and to Lauren and grade supervisors for a well organised 2015 championship.